Installation Measurement System

Measure inclination while piling

Introducing the Pliant Offshore Installation Measurement System

The Installation Measurement System is the latest product developed by Pliant Offshore. The system allows real-time measurement of the inclination of a monopile during installation and is specifically designed for continuous measurements during piling. By using state-of-the-art in-house developed 3D point cloud technology and laser sensors we measure and reconstruct the measured objects. The use of motion compensation allows you to use the system even on a non-stationary vessel.

IMS has been proven its worth already at the Walney and Arkona wind farms. Also, the IMS is used at the Seamade, Deutsche Bucht and East Anglia One projects. With IMS the installation has proven to be faster and more accurate than any conventional method.

The system will continuously measure inclination with high accuracy. This allows you to act swiftly as soon as deviations from the targeted inclination occur. Next to that, the system is able to cope with local deformations of the pile since the system is able to measure deformations in advance and compensate for this deformation during piling.

Not only the system allows you to complete your project faster because you don’t need to stop piling for an accurate measurement, by using IMS you will have less chance of installation errors of the monopiles because the system measures position, orientation, inclination and height of the monopile and compares this the expected design parameters. The IMS is able to cope with deformed piles. Dumps, misalignment and oval piles will no longer result in deviations of the angle. Again this means saving valuable time.

Key features

  • Up to 0.05 degree accurate
  • Motion compensated
  • Reliable in all weather conditions


The IMS is successfully used for multiple installation projects on various vessels. It has proven to be robust and very suitable for harsh offshore conditions while maintaining accuracy.

Faster Installation

The IMS system can yield higher up-time; during the installation process piling does not have to be suspended for conventional contact measurements. The non-destructive contact-free measurements allow continuous control during installation and piling which can greatly improve the overall time required for installation.


All 3D measurements can be stored, analyzed and played back for offline analysis, survey and quality control of the used monopiles and the installation process itself. This information is very valuable for reporting to the client.