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Discover our products and services

Discover our products and services

Pliant Offshore delivers highly accurate measurement solutions for almost every situation. Our products have proven to be fast, stable and accurate and can be used for controlling your equipment. We also provide a wide variety of measuring solutions for survey, monitoring and logging

High quality and performance

We put a lot of effort in our research and development and educate our highly skilled team continuously. That is one of the many reasons we can create highly accurate measurement solutions for you. In addition to offering customized solutions we have developed several products. Take a look at our products below.

Highly skilled team

Big research and development

Installation Measurement System (IMS)

The Inclination Measurement System allows real-time measurement of the inclination of a monopile during installation.

DAMS (Departure Angle Measurement System)

Pliant DAMS is a high quality, high performance measuring device which enables the deck equipment to be controlled by the measured angle.

FMS (Flange Measurement System)

The FAMS is designed for accurate measurements at the flange of monopiles. Prevent errors with our innovative FAMS

Offshore Construction Measurement

Pliant Offshore Construction measurement enables you to measure precisely position and angle of your constructions. These motion compensated measurements can be used to control your handling equipment.

Asset Management

Pliant Offshore Asset Management Software enables you to track & trace your assets, review history and monitor lifetime, wear and usage.

3D Measuring Solutions

The 3D visualisation software helps to visualise the measurements as well as the results and inform the operator with real data.

Cable Inspection

With the Pliant Cable Inspection tool you can monitor the total proces of possible damage to the cable during loading.

Custom Solutions

Beside our innovative products for the international offshore market, our highly skilled team is available for custom solutions.


Find out more about our team and the skills we have in measurement technical offshore solutions. Or visit us at our headquarters in Breda, the Netherlands.

Talk to one of our specialists

Our team is always available for additional information. Please feel free to send us an email from the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also call us at (+31)76 581 6588.





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