Announcement: Pliant Offshore and Barth Groep start strategic partnership

Pliant and Barth Groep start strategic partnership

Pliant is specialized in custom automation software solutions for industrial purposes. Barth Groep provides custom technical solutions in machine and process automation. By joining forces, Pliant and Barth Group are able to develop and install even more innovative projects and products.

Barth Groep: five technical specialties
Barth Groep is founded in 1931 and until this day is a strong and healthy family business. Thanks to a wide range of specialties, the power of the Barth Groep can be found in successfully developing and installing multidisciplinary technical solutions. The engaged partnership allows clients to benefit from highly skilled knowledge and specialized craftsmanship while the individual companies maintain their independent position in the market.

Barth Groep delivers turnkey projects and provides excellent services to its clients. Barth Groep is mainly focused on industrial automation and machine building, marine & offshore, logistic distribution, horticulture and heavy industry.

Pliant: from software provider to all-round system integrator
“In only 10 years, Pliant transformed successfully from a software provider to system integrator, specialized in high-tech 2D and 3D vision solutions. This performance results in noticeable market segments, products and worldwide clients. We are all very proud about this achievement. By these performances, we have entered the next phase of our company in which we will be focusing on professionalization and growth. To achieve this, we have found a partner who can complement us.” Explains Alex Heurkens, one of the founders of Pliant.

Henk Verschoor, director machine development & industrial automation of Barth Groep, is very pleased with the new strategic partnership: “With Pliant we bring high quality technology on board, which enables us to create unique vision and object recognition solutions. Pliant is a great addition to our machine building activities. Also, it also strengthens our position in marine & offshore, logistic distribution and horticulture sectors.”

Creating the future together
“Together we have an incredible strong combination in industrial automation. The completeness of services means that we can advise and provide our clients even better” says Arie Barth, one of the director-owners of the Barth Group.

Henk Verschoor adds: “We can now provide extended solutions of our customers which we previously couldn’t. By working together, we can offer our clients a broad integrated solution. We have already completed the first joint activities. We are looking forward to a long and productive collaboration with this beautiful party.”

Both founders: Walter Kleijweg (CTO) and Alex Heurkens (CIO) will continue to be involved in the company as statutory directors and shareholders. They will focus on the technology and business developments of the company. Henk Verschoor will assume the role of CEO.