Custom Solutions

Our enthousiastic and highly-skilled team develop what you need

Introducing the Pliant Offshore Custom Solutions

At Pliant Offshore we have many standard measurement solutions but we can also be of service for all your custom questions about: quality inspection of your assets, inspection and monitoring of you equipment, precise angle measurement on all kind of objects and real time monitoring & controlling.

Save on costs and insurance

With our advanced software we can process data from most devices like multi beam echo sounders, IR lasers and Time Of Flight devices from which we can create 3D point clouds. With the use of our powerful motion compensated algorithms objects can be analysed, recognized or manipulated for simulation purposes. Since most of our solutions are usable for real time controlling of you equipment can save on operational cost, insurance and down time.

Effective and high quality solutions

Our team build high quality custom solutions which are extremely reliable. Every custom solution will tested thoroughly in our testcentre to make sure you get the quality solution you need. We also will help you with the installation, implementation and offer extended support if needed.

Our people are highly skilled and have excellent knowledge about hardware and software

We research and develop new technology and make this available all over the world

We are excited to start working with you!


Find out more about our team and the skills we have in measurement technical offshore solutions. Or visit us at our headquarters in Breda, the Netherlands.

Talk to one of our specialists

Our team is always available for additional information. Please feel free to send us an email from the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also call us at (+31)76 581 6588.





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