Cable inspection

Monitor the total proces of possible damage

Introducing Cable Inspection

The contractor is fully responsible of the cables in the offshore. We noticed a desire to monitor this cable during the entire proces.
With the Pliant Offshore Cable Inspection the total proces of the cable can be monitored via our high reliable software and systems.

Lower the risk of cable damage

Beside the possibility cable damage during the laying proces, there are more hazards in damage risk. The contractor is responsible for the cable after accepting the cable from the supplier. It is desirable to check the cable at that point. Pliant Offshore developed a system that uses laser triangulation to check the entire cable for possible damage. The threshold of a defect can be set by the customer. This system can serve as a reporting tool or evidence against the cable supplier. In addition, detection of damage prevent that cables are no longer stuck in the guidance equipment. This saves time and money.

Powerful and reliable technology to inspect the cable.


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