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Introducing the Pliant Offshore 3D Measuring Solutions

High frequency accurate measurement

Pliant Offshore is specialised in high frequency accurate measuring at sea. The motion compensated measuring solutions enable accurate measurements of objects at sea in harsh conditions. Our measurement solutions have high tolerance for mist, snow and rain and are able to measure in complete darkness with very high quality and resolution. You can prevent extreme valuable costs when the cable is damaged and needs to be replaced. Pliant Offshore 3D Measuring Solutions is an extra insurance to your risk.


Our 3D measuring solution scan be used for almost every inspection. With the use of the 3D simulation software the complete solution can be tested which saves on valuable commissioning time. Below an example of a fallpipe inspection is shown.

Cable measurement

Close up of a cable on a winch. By using the 3D software the amount of data points on the cable can be reconstructed for every possible position. This makes it possible to predict the accuracy of the measurement for each possible position of the measurement device.

The 3D measuring solutions of Pliant offshore can be used for all kind of measurement on pipes, cables, winches drilling platforms, windmills, and so on. By simulating the ship, the deck equipment and environment the 3D software can be used to calculate best position, resulting precision and performence before starting to build the equipment. The same software can also be used for intensive testing, lowering valuable commissioning time. 3D Measurement solutions are fast and reliable in all weather conditions.


Find out more about our team and the skills we have in measurement technical offshore solutions. Or visit us at our headquarters in Breda, the Netherlands.

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